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Looking for an easier ride? You've come to the right place.


Scott, Merida Whyte and Focus mountain bikes and hybrids are great bikes in their own right, add in the very best pedal assist systems from Bosch and Shimano, and you have a winning combination of lightweight, quality and reliability.


BUT, it's a minefield out there and if you've ever popped into our shop, you'll know we don't do rubbish. It seems there's a new brand out there every five minutes all vying for a piece of your hard earned money. A lot of them will be gone just as quick.


So here's our quick buyers guide on what to watch out for.


BRAKES, you'll be needing these, a lot. The bike is going to be heavier than normal, and you're going everywhere faster than you would be normally. Disc brakes are essential, they're much more powerful, work whatever the weather, don't get covered in dirt or grime, last much longer than rim brakes and self adjust, so your brakes just work.


ELECTRICS, you'll need something that's reliable and well designed, It's an expensive piece of kit after all. Shimano is a name you'll find in any bike shop not only in this country, but any country around the world. That means that should you be unfortunate enough to run into a problem, let's say you knock the bike over and break the display, any of those shops can order and fit you a replacement in a matter of days. A lot of those same bike shops will be able to look after the Bosch system too, it's the system most of the best brands choose to equip their bikes.


FUNCTIONALITY, so how easy is your new bike to live with? If you get a puncture (yes, sadly it happens) can you get the wheels off? If you happen to break a spoke, can you get an easy replacement? When it comes to service time, can you get someone to take care of it for you?

All our e bikes

  1. Use quick release wheels, so punctures are no problem and if you can't do it, then any regular cyclist will be sure to help.

  2. Can be used as normal bikes without the electics.

  3. Use regular bicycle components, everything is readily available.

  4. Use a crank based motor and have a wide range of gears, this reduces the strain on you and the motor.

  5. Are proportioned like normal bikes, that means they ride and handle just like normal bikes.